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Things happen

Most are  happy

Sometimes love lasts,

Life can be so crappy.

Must get rid of all the baggage

Usually that is the best,

New start, the old adage,

To hell with the rest.

Life would be great

If love would last,

Like a sideways crazy eight.

Forgetting the past

Yearning for the one to love

To lay beside always

Not wishing from afar.

Being together Now

Hoping forever and always,

Seems to not be any different,

A physical ocean no longer between us.

Just An illusional reference. 



Got lots of stuff to do

I wish I could get the stuff I need
The stuff I need to get done
I need to be relieved
Of so much and just for one!

Its Friday and I have done
What many didn’t think
Could be done by this one,
But I proved them wrong, i think.

I may get that promotion,
Or I may get that new job,
I may even take a vacation,
and just sit like a slob!

So over the scammers,
The Schemers, and meanies,
People that act like your friends
But I wonder if anyone ever really is?

A friend without wanting, using,
something from you in return,
To make you feel bad, accusing,
Just to make themselves feel less hurt.

I work, mind my own, try to help,
When I can do my best, I do,
I believe others, I tell the truth,
I don’t know… do you??