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my new video resume

finished this today to upgrade my resume.


What is now..

Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.
— Author Unknown

not sure

What is today?
I know it will go away.
Time never stays,
But time is always

But what about back then?
Does it matter?
Tell me when?
My life gets sadder.

My love gets ripped,
Just try to hang on,
Things seem to just sit,
Can’t seem to move on.

Have to let it all go.
Even things, all I know,
Everything, everyone I know,
It’s so hard, and can’t let it show.

My heart aches
My tears race
Down my face
to hold on
to nothingness.

Daily ritual

I get up
I get myself ready
By doing that i mean
to face the world

I must feel like I am at my best
I must feel I have had my rest
I am not as I was
I do now, just cuz…

I get to work
and do as I am told,
I know it’s crappy,
But I will get out,
Before I’m old.

I make creative sayings
Some are quite good
Some are used,
some are, well.. misunderstood.

So I go look forward to eating my lunch
All I ever eat is fruits or vegetables
Maybe with my Yogurt or Cheese to munch.
Some oatmeal for breakfast
With some coffee as my weakness

Then time to go!
AS I make my way out the door
Only to try to beat the rain
for my workout run
hoping to get 3 miles or so

Then off to Bally’s to lift weights
I don’t have anything else better
Maybe a cocktail later,
Or just stay at the gym,
Hmm what to do? Which is better?

I will get steamed at the gym
LIterally, after my swim
It feels so yummy
Then eat my protein bar
to fill my tummy.

Now it’s late.
I have an hour’s drive
I’m tired
Another Day of work
To start it all tomorrow.

Media Center | Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Most Amazing Time Lapse Video of Milky Way Ever Made. Seriously. | ShutterSalt.

Martha Penate– Marketing Professional.

Happy Memorial day!!

What a great day!

This is a wonderful day! Sold another book and he can’t wait to read it! I told him about the plot of the story of a young couple that owned an import export business. The owner suddenly dies of a heart attack but after an autopsy is done, cyanide is found in his system. All of the evidence points to the widow! Now, Pam Garcia is being accused for her husband’s death must fight to hang on to what she has. The insurances are not paying and the company is dwindling due to her troubles. She must sell the company. She also finds some clues in a lock box to another box in Egypt along with Egyptian currency and airline tickets there.

While defending her life and trying not to get killed while out, she must find out what is in Egypt! Will this unlock the mystery of his death?

Pandalized? The Search Engine Optimization algorithm formula, the Google Panda, has been restructured so when you do a search for anything on the Internet the results content may come up differently. The Social Media Marketing game and the SEM and the SEO ranking algorithm formula has been tweaked to filter out the spam websites and the linking farm sites from making it to the top of the search ranks just because of the quantity of links! Now Google has derived a formula to filter out quantity spams and put the quality websites!

We, as consumers and business people have exploded the Internet with many websites over the past two decades. There are more websites on the Internet than some even know! Now with Social Media marketing, it is not just for personal socializing, it has become an integral part of every Fortune 500 company’s marketing strategy. Almost every big business now has a Facebook page, Twitter handle, LinkedIN profile, Foursquare spot, etc. There are websites that are not even real websites, old and dormant websites, Link farms websites, automated websites and profiles. How does someone know the difference? If you are a school owner, are you doing your own social media marketing? These intricate details that are forever changing in the marketplace should be done by a professional.

This new update to the algorithm that Google has done will boost the websites that contain quality content, rather that the spam websites, dormant website, automated, or the websites that just bolster repeats of links to articles from whence they originally were derived. You won’t have anything to worry about if you display quality content and do not use spam to boost your site.

After the algorithm change, 40% SEO rankings have shifted due to quality content. What does this mean? This means, this could be good news for the smaller, more quality contained website. The website that has quality content worth reading and viewing will shoot up in ranking. However, you still must maintain good quality content and have people interested in coming to your site. This means you must maintain a contant interaction with your followers and always update your blogs and other social media websites daily with quality content.

With the formula change in Google corporation within the past month, it is only logical that Facebook tweaked their algorithm formula in Edgerank as well. What pops up in your stream is usually what interests you most, not necessarily all of your friends statuses all of the time.

So, keep your content true and interesting and of high standards!
Don’t be Pandalized!