I get up
I get myself ready
By doing that i mean
to face the world

I must feel like I am at my best
I must feel I have had my rest
I am not as I was
I do now, just cuz…

I get to work
and do as I am told,
I know it’s crappy,
But I will get out,
Before I’m old.

I make creative sayings
Some are quite good
Some are used,
some are, well.. misunderstood.

So I go look forward to eating my lunch
All I ever eat is fruits or vegetables
Maybe with my Yogurt or Cheese to munch.
Some oatmeal for breakfast
With some coffee as my weakness

Then time to go!
AS I make my way out the door
Only to try to beat the rain
for my workout run
hoping to get 3 miles or so

Then off to Bally’s to lift weights
I don’t have anything else better
Maybe a cocktail later,
Or just stay at the gym,
Hmm what to do? Which is better?

I will get steamed at the gym
LIterally, after my swim
It feels so yummy
Then eat my protein bar
to fill my tummy.

Now it’s late.
I have an hour’s drive
I’m tired
Another Day of work
To start it all tomorrow.