I wish I could get the stuff I need
The stuff I need to get done
I need to be relieved
Of so much and just for one!

Its Friday and I have done
What many didn’t think
Could be done by this one,
But I proved them wrong, i think.

I may get that promotion,
Or I may get that new job,
I may even take a vacation,
and just sit like a slob!

So over the scammers,
The Schemers, and meanies,
People that act like your friends
But I wonder if anyone ever really is?

A friend without wanting, using,
something from you in return,
To make you feel bad, accusing,
Just to make themselves feel less hurt.

I work, mind my own, try to help,
When I can do my best, I do,
I believe others, I tell the truth,
I don’t know… do you??