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I burned a paper today

as the people in the desert did to rid of the past. The one is still here on this earth,and on the other side of it, I need to feel free of. Another person is no longer of this earth, I wish were here. Life is funny like that.


I dreamt of docks

The docks meant I am through The-KissThinking of a past love that I once knew The nausea is still It comes at will, I try not to cry I still know not why I have moved on, It took me so long, He left me long back Telling me this, he lacked. I worked for us, He just romanced others, I am the cause, He no longer bothers. I suppose he is happy, With many he is romancing, Writing songs for many, After my heart had its lancing. For no one calls me, I work and sit alone. This is what is to be. I am to be here at home. View full article »

as the people in the desert did to rid of the past. I should now feel totally free of the one, however he is still here on this earth. And the other one that is not here on this earth, I am free of and wish I weren’t. I miss them.


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I have been jogging a lot this past week. the daily runs have been approximately 5 km. I went to the YMCA and worked out yesterday and timed my 2 mile run and did it under 20 minutes. I can do 20 pushups in a row and working out on the weight machines there.
At home I do 100 sit ups every other day
20 dumbbell single arm lifts with 15 lb weight each arm x 2
50 leg lifts (frontal lying on my back)
50 leg lifts (back side each leg working my gluteus)
15 arm curls each arm x 2 with 15 lb weight

ya i need to step it up a bit 😛

Fit Forever!

I am going to set a new goal for myself! I am going to be more of a fit person by my next birthday! I am going to promise myself to do 100 sit-ups per day or more. Work out every single day. my goal will be to be the fittest I can be by the my next birthday. I will also be writing down my diet or some recipes here and writing for a new book. I will also be writing more for my new sequel to my murder mystery and more of a new script of my adventures of India. So I will upload a picture of me at my present time. Then later a picture of me on my birthday and log into the blog here every week of what I had.
Yesterday I bicycled over 14 miles. Friday I went to the YMCA and worked out. I ran a mile in 10 minutes.

However I want to improve my diet. Writing things down is the best way. So let’s see. 😀 Wish me luck! 100_3263

Things happen

Most are  happy

Sometimes love lasts,

Life can be so crappy.

Must get rid of all the baggage

Usually that is the best,

New start, the old adage,

To hell with the rest.

Life would be great

If love would last,

Like a sideways crazy eight.

Forgetting the past

Yearning for the one to love

To lay beside always

Not wishing from afar.

Being together Now

Hoping forever and always,

Seems to not be any different,

A physical ocean no longer between us.

Just An illusional reference. 


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